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Machine will come in original SuperMicro box!


The 7037A-i is a high-end whisper quiet workstation comprised of two main subsytems: The SC743TQ-1200B-SQ tower/4U chassis and the X10DAi dual Intel Xeon processor serverboard. In addition to the serverboard and chassis, various hardware components have been included with the SuperWorkstation 7048A-i, as listed below:

-Two 8-cm hot-swap PWM "SuperQuiet" chassis fans (FAN-0104L4) 

-One 9-cm PWM "SuperQuiet" exhaust fan (FAN-0103L4)

-Two active CPU heatsinks (SNK-P0050AP4)

-SATA Accessories: One SATA backplane (CSE-SAS-743TQ), Eight hot-swap drive carriers (MCP-220-00092-0B)

Here at The Server Store the customer always comes first. If you have any questions concerning our product please feel free to call or chat with us at any time. Don't forget to check out the rest of our wide array of refurbished IT Equipment here at The Server Store.

SuperMicro 7048A-T SuperWorkstation w/ X10DAi

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